Does It Make You Weak By Having Insecurities?

Hello to all,

First & foremost I would like to say thanks in advance for visiting my blog session of Let’s Talk About It “Being Transparent”. It could be anything anyone want or would like to talk about without being judgemental, so let’s come together to discuss it ALL. So with that being stated here’s my opinion on my question above, does it make you weak by having Insecurities? Personally I believe its doesn’t make an individual weak, but it can develop a weakness with the type of energy or perspective that any person bring into a conversation. What are your thoughts?


1 thought on “Does It Make You Weak By Having Insecurities?

  1. The Real Rollercoaster December 30, 2018 — 4:59 pm

    I feel as if it makes a person weak. He or she is putting more energy into a situation that in they can’t control. Rather except what comes in any relationship, they worry. It drains them while the other person in the relationship can become drained or don’t care.


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