My Expectations of Blogging

Hello to the lovely people of the blog world. I would love to speak on my expectations of being a new blogger.

Most of the time I try to

as to what would the people want or if I’m on the other end reading blogs as to what would my limitations be as an individual. Personal I have a short intention spand, so within my blogs I would love to keep the attention of others with shorter blogs along with interaction,

from you all. I’ve always wanted to be different and stand out from others, not to say that anyone else blogs is not with great expectations.

However, I want to be entertaining being able to be transparent in all directions, also being able to learn what to do or not to do from other bloggers. So with that being stated, [open forum], what are you guys intake on this?

💥Make sure you like👍🏽, share💞 & follow👣 the beginning of my new chapter. Until next time ✌🏽 Much Love 🤗

4 thoughts on “My Expectations of Blogging

  1. The Real Rollercoaster January 6, 2019 — 8:28 am

    Blogging is sometimes an Express of views. Even at times its life experiences in which a person wants to hear others opinions that being good or bad. Continue to blog it can help with clarification of the mind, body and spirit. Shalom sister……

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  2. Thank you my lovely husband, but LOL I’m not your sister BRUH 🤣🤣

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  3. Time is a teacher.
    You learn plenty by silently observing.

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