Do you have what it takes to be PURPOSE DRIVEN?

We as people set goals and resolutions, and easily slip back into old habits. We are all haunted by the excuses and “yeah buts” that have cost us countless opportunities for growth and expansion.

We as people are attached to comfort, safety and simplicity. Can we AGREE? These values are important and can provide much tranquility, though to truly grow and expand we must find an area of our life where commitment supersedes comfort.

Question: Do your commitments live up to your dreams?

Being committed is a willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfill and follow through on a responsibility. It may not be even what we most enjoy, but none of the less, being committed means we are going to do it regardless. Commitment is essential to being a winner and achieving our loftiest goals.

Being dedicated and committed is a part of growing plus transcending to the next level. Each of us comes from a diverse varied background and are dedicated to different values involved in countless missions.

Regardless of our mission and direction in life, there are three keys to staying committed to our goals. These are: sacrifice, purpose & determination.

I will break the three keys down in blogs to come.


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2 thoughts on “Do you have what it takes to be PURPOSE DRIVEN?

  1. It is a pleasure to meet you and to read your posts.


    1. Thank you, it’s my pleasure to have you read my posts. Soon i’ll be able to go and read yours as well.

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